Sawyer manufactures accessories specifically designed for SMC Beveling Bands
Double Cut Torch Holder


The Double Cut Torch Holder attachment fits all standard sizes of Sawyer Band Beveling Machines, Compact and Quick Set beveling machines.
  • Enables simultaneous carrying of two machine-type torches
  • Allows independent height, lead, and degree of bevel adjustments
  • Permits adjustment of spacing between torches
  • Rigid, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Available with “Out-of-Round” feature
  • Available for either Compact or Quick-Set machines (Specify machine by type, model, size, and range)
Classic Torch Holder


The Classic Torch Holder is a newly designed torch carrier that fits all standard sizes of Sawyer pipe cutting and beveling machines.
  • Allows torch to be moved to and from the cutline to prevent blowholes
  • Torch may be used in the forward or backward bevel position without reversing the torch holder
  • Large torch clamp wing screw can be tightened without removing gloves
  • Constructed of durable, light-weight aluminum
  • Provides a superior cut and bevel
Out of Round Attachment


The Out of Round attachment fits standard sizes of Sawyer Compact and Quick Set beveling machines, and makes cutting and beveling out of round pipe possible.
  • "Floats" torch carrier to follow pipe contour
  • Maintains proper distance from pipe surface
  • Compact design, easily mounted and adjusted
  • Accurate graduation permits setting torch for bevel angle
  • Torch clamps adjust to provide lead
  • Torch can be raised for igniting and flame adjustment
  • Accepts any standard machine cutting torch
  • Available with double bevel attachment (Specify machine by type, model, size, and range)
Motorized Kit


The Motorized Kit attachment fits all standard sizes of Sawyer pipe cutting and beveling machines. The drive converts manual beveling machines to an electric motor drive with a simple, add-on bracket that is easily mounted to the machine.
  • Variable speed; increased speed control range allows flame or plasma cutting
  • Operates in forward or reverse
  • Permanently sealed and lubricated reduction gear box
  • Available in AC or DC
  • Industrial grade fully-enclosed gear motor for durability and long life
  • Extension cords and plugs are water resistant per IP 67 and are arctic and flame resistant
  • Cast aluminum motor mount increases durability and rigidity
  • High visibility yellow polyamide control box with integrated handle
  • Shielded magnet included on the control box for attachment to pipe during use

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