Miller Bobcat 250 Diesel GFCIMillermatic 350p Aluminum MIG

Miller Bobcat 3 Phase, GFCI

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Designed for farm and ranch owners in need of single - and three-phase power to run 480V three-phase pivot irrigation systems or to provide backup power for home, farm and ranch.

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Quick Specs  
 BOBCAT 3 Phase
Rated Output
  • DC Stick: 210 A at 25 V, 100% duty cycle
  • AC Stick/TIG: 225 A at 25 V, 100% duty cycle
  • FCAW/MIG(CV): 200 A at 20 V, 100% duty cycle
Output Power Range
  • DC Stick: 50-210 Amps
  • FCAW/MIG (CV): 17 - 28 Volts
Generator Power
  • 3-Phase (480 V): Peak: 11,000 watts; Continuous: 10,000 watts
  • 1-Phase Peak: 10,500 watts;
    9,500 watts Continuous
Weight 540 lb (245 kg)
Engine Kohler 23 HP at 3600 RPM (gas), 25 HP ar 3600 RPM (LP)
  Industrial Applications
  Farm and Ranch
    Generator Power
  Stick (SMAW)
  Flux Cored (FCAW)*
  Non-Critical AC TIG (GTAW)

Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A) Cutting and Gouging (3/16 in carbons)

* with voltage-sensing feeder
Manufacturer: Miller Welders
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