Dynamic Positioning System (DPS)

At Welsch's International we are capable of providing an integrated system for lay - and work barges based on the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS).
Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) is a system that serves two purposes- it can be to move a barge and other floating units from one work location to another or to keep the vessel at the desired location automatically by using propellers or thruster at various positions on the hull without the need of anchors.
The DPS is designed to eliminate the use of anchors in lay-barges and other work vessels, thus bringing more precision during the process of pipe laying. Additionally, by eliminating the traditional system of maneuvering with winches and the routine of anchor movement with tugboats and divers, this system eliminates the risks of pipe and cables ruptures. All of these advantages result on lower costs, fewer accidents, and more efficiency in the pipe laying process.
Welsch's International Inc is working in conjunction with other specialized companies in order to supply all the necessary equipment and services, including the design installation and technical assessment. Such installation comprises:
- A computerized system made up of computer panels, gyros, digital global position system (DGPS), vertical reference sensors, and servos.
- A customized Sawyer manufacturingpropulsion system based on propellers.

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