Dynamic Positioning System

computerized system

The computerized system allows the operator to position a lay-barge during the processes of pipe laying and advance of the barge through a programmed route, or maintain of the barge in a specific location while conducting the various jobs required in this type of work. Such jobs include: welding, x-rays, buoy installations, etc. This system can be manually operated through a joystick or through a computer by programming operations.

This system incorporates the control of propulsion motors through servos, the orientation of propellers, the gyros for stability and route, the wind measurement system, the digital global position system (DGPS), and other navigation equipment.

This integration allows the computer to execute any conventional maneuver performed by lay-barges and other work vessels in structured, quick, efficient and precise manner. This advantage permits the barge to stay in place by counteracting any external forces such as changes in wind direction and velocity or the effects of currents on hull. The system also allows the programming of a route to follow determining, for example, the laying of pipes or cables between two existing points, for example, from a well to a flow station allowing stops for various reasons and the resuming of the preprogrammed route by just pressing a button.


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Sawyer manufacturingThe controls are design for an easy and instinctive maneuvering operation as they incorporate a screen sensible to touch, and a module with a joystick.

All the controls are design to give an immediate response to the operator's instructions.

The system also allows the receiving, from a remote location, such as the home office, of coordinates to follow through accesses such as the Internet without having to manually program these coordinates in the onboard control system.

The system can store preprogrammed routes, thus recording lengths of pipelines or cables and facilitating the data for calculations of progress reports.

A Standard system is structured in the following way:

Sawyer manufacturing

The equipment offered by Welsch's International Inc is all from BEIER RADIO. We will use all of their technical support for the installation and we will provide a well-done job in a coordinated manner.

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